Terms and Conditions of Use

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Xcleanpro defining the rules and acceptable behavior of your website and services. 

At XcleanPro, we guarantee that 110% of the efforts are met to meet each appointment. With this said, we plan to make each appointment ("unforeseen beyond reasonable control", as the acts of nature and others, however) and expect the reciprocity of our customers. We understand that "life" happens, so we ask that you make the effort to notify opportunely about any change in your programming.

1.- The invoice will be canceled no later than the day of service, otherwise it will have a surcharge of 3.5% for each day of delay that this invoice has passed after its expiration date. After 5 days of no payment we will send all the information of your case (call records, emails and messages received and sent, and all the information that we could attach to your case) to the Department of INVOICE COLLECTION. All the cargo that this entails will be canceled by you. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CANCEL YOUR INVOICE NO LATER THAN THE DAY YOU RECEIVE THE SERVICE REQUIRED TO AVOID ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

2.-Payment must be online through PayPal (PayPal account is not required). Once we have confirmed the appointment, I receive an invoice by email that can be paid online through Paypal. It is very important that no reason has been accepted checks or cash for security reasons and company policies.

3.- You can cancel your service in BITCOIN (it must be a communication with the customer service operator.) You must use the payment form in Bitcoin, the customer service operator will indicate the amount to pay with your discount and also will send you a message with the link to our website www.xcleanpro.com/bitcoin we will find our wallet data which can be scanned or copied to make the payment of the service Once the payment must be sent by email the transfer voucher with the reference of your service.

4.- Cancellations must be made before the grace period of 24 hours before your appointment. In other words, an appointment for Tuesday at noon should be canceled before Monday at noon (the day before). Cancellations after the 24-hour grace period will be considered cancellations on the same day and charges will be applied as follows: a charge equivalent to 30% of your bill will be applied when making the refund of the invoice paid. If not in any circumstance, we can not access your home, due to a breach in the contract, in a ratio equivalent to 30% in your next rescheduled service or a 30% fee will be deducted from your bill when making the refund of the invoice paid in case of definitive cancellation of the service. (Cancellations or rescheduling of appointments must be available 24 hours before the service)

5.- It is important to provide us with any type of code / key or keys which can give us access to your home if you are not going to be present at the time of performing your service.

6.- It is not necessary to be at home when we clean, but if we decide to stay at home on the day of service, it is fine for us. If you are not going to be at home, it is important that you provide us with any type of code or code that allows us to access your home.

7.-All pets must be locked in a safe place, in a kennel or in the yard. Our employees are not responsible for doing it for you. The cleaners are not authorized by a part of Xcleanpro and they do not have to clean their pet either. Remember that pets can cause physical damage to our personal environment. We appreciate your understanding.

8.- The previously agreed terms must be complied with regarding pets and the release of the keys, otherwise this affects the start and development of the contracted service.

9.- XcleanPro is an equal opportunity company. We do not discriminate or discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or political affinity in any of its activities or operations. With that said, XcleanPro has the right to refuse service and life expectancy, it is incongruent with the legal search and / or ethics of personal liberties that do not comply with local, state and federal laws or that life options. Make any employee of XcleanPro feel insecure or in danger.

10.- We are committed to providing all our employees with a work environment free of harassment, including, among others, harassment of a verbal, physical or sexual nature. Both parties, XcleanPro and the customer, must comply with and comply with these rules as a prerequisite for the services that are provided. Any harassment such as those mentioned above, will constitute the immediate termination of the contract at the discretion of Xcleanpro and could result in possible legal action against the aggressor.

11.- WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. That said, the appointment can be canceled at any time for reasons of force majeure emergency that can be presented to the cleaner, in the same way we understand that the same can happen to you and for that reason the appointment must be canceled or reagendada. SEE CALUSULA No. 4
12.- The hours (for cleaning hours) are for a cleaner, if more cleaners are sent, the time will be divided by the number of cleaners. For example, a four-hour cleaning done by two cleaners would be done in two hours. They could be from 2 to 4 cleaners according to availability.

13.- We remind you that our team will try to cover all the requested areas in the best way possible within the time hired. Always keep in mind that our services are per hour.

14.- We inform you that the cleaner could find stains that are difficult to remove (scale, stains from the tub, bathroom doors, etc.) and that due to the time they would not be 100% clean, you could spend more time , but this would shorten us the same to use them in other areas that you have requested. We are not responsible if you decide to spend more time on this type of contingency and not other areas that are of your priority.


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