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Looking for a deep cleaning service for your large apartment or regular maintenance for your small to medium-sized house? Our 5-hour cleaning service is perfect for tackling those tough cleaning jobs or keeping your space consistently tidy. With our experienced and efficient cleaning team, we'll make sure every corner of your home is spotless and fresh. Plus, if you sign up for a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly recurring service, you can get up to 20% additional discount! Contact us today for more information on our recurring service options. Please note that this offer is valid only on Monday to Friday.

219.00 FOR 5Hrs CLEANING SERVICE + 3.5% Fee PayPal ($7.67) = $226.67


Not valid with other offers.


Contac us to check availability and for more details.


    Cleaning and organization services for homes and businesses.

    During the agreed time, our team will dedicate itself to cleaning and/or organizing according to your instructions. Upon completion of the service period, you will receive a notification to inform you that the work has been completed and our professionals will leave your residence.

    Total length of service may vary depending on the number of cleaners assigned to your task. For example, if you have scheduled a 2 hour service with the assistance of 2 cleaners, the total time will be divided between them, resulting in a total of 1 effective hour of service.


    Our cleaning services are designed according to your needs, and it is for this reason that XcleanPro offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, do not hesitate to contact us again within 24 hours and we will carry out a new cleaning in the area mentioned in the claim. We appreciate your comments, whether positive or critical, as they help us to continually improve and be your trusted cleaning services company. Your opinion is fundamental in our commitment to offering reliable and exceptional service.

$485.00 Regular Price
$226.67Sale Price
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